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Bacon a Treviso

Bacon a Treviso

21 February 2017 12:12

The exhibition of BACON and walk to discover Treviso

francis bacon 150x150 - Bacon a Treviso

Ritrovo del gruppo alle ore 9.00 Ponte Dante Treviso, through the Latin Quarter you get to Piazza dei Signori, the living room of Treviso, City Water and architectural jewels.
Private guided visit to the Old Pawnshop, which you can be reached through the portico of Shower Heads. The establishment of the Monte was built by the Franciscan Friars, to combat the scourge of usury. On the second floor of this building, is the jewel of the building: the Chapel of Rectors, characterized by frescoes, among which are works by Ludovico and Pozzoserrato Fiumicelli, and precious gilded leather of Cordova.
Continuation in the adjacent Church of Saint Lucia, It built where previously there was a prison destroyed by fire. E’ una delle chiese più interessanti della zona; the oldest part retains captive frescoes of the fourteenth century, the period in which its construction. The most famous work is the Madonna del paveio (butterfly) partly attributed to Tomaso da Modena, but there are also frescoed the S stories. Antonio Abate, S. James and S. Cristoforo..
Lunch at a restaurant in town with seasonal menu.
Nel pomeriggio ingresso e visita con guida alla Mostra “Francis Bacon un viaggio nei mille volti dell’uomo moderno” allestita a Ca’ dei Carraresi.
Possibility of following a visit to the Palace of the Three Hundred, exceptionally open for the group. The palace was built in the late twelfth century to accommodate the judges' benches and the mayor. Today the building is still home to the city council, as well as the prestigious place of exhibitions.

After the aperitif walk with cicchetti in a nearby tavern Treviso.

Individual participation € 80,00
For a group of at least 25 people

The fee includes:
entrance with a guide to the exhibition of Francis Bacon
pranzo e in ristorante locale – drinks included – e aperitivo
guided visit to the pawnshop, Church Saint Lucia, Palazzo dei Trecento

Mostra Francis Bacon Treviso Casa dei Carraresi